Coastal grazing is a significant source of income for farmers, and it is important to develop it in a more sustainable, profitable and effective direction to ensure the management of coastal meadows in the future. Various operators on the shores of the Bay of Bothnia have accrued experience of coastal grazing for more than 20 years. By charting and using the accrued knowledge, potential solutions will be sought for the problems of coastal grazing, and the significance of coastal grazing for animal welfare and trade will be communicated.


  • Experience and knowledge of best practices for coastal grazing will be gathered and shared among advisors and farmers, related to animal welfare, animal breeds, the consideration of diversity, possibilities for cooperation and the practical implementation of grazing, among other things.
  • The knowledge of other target groups interested in the subject of coastal grazing and its significance for animal welfare and trade will be increased.


  • Examples of best practices for coastal grazing through different means of communication, e.g. datasheets, videos and StoryMap.
  • Showcasing animal production at sites used as examples through field signs and videos.
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